The module „Identify & Connect“ is a multi sided market place, that provides visibility to the different offers and demands of the various stakeholders that are involved in land restoration. This could be a government that has committed to climate measures in the form of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and whose emissions are to be reduced by adopting mitigation measures such as planting trees. The government can utilize this module to be informed about all ongoing land restoration projects that have an impact on carbon sequestration in the country.

Financiers are looking for places to invest in. They can use the spatially enabled search mechanism to identify investment-ready project areas which were previously published by planting companies or other organizations.

Planting companies or NGOs for instance, are interested in creating visibility for their current planting projects for which they require support from financiers or simply to communicate with the government and other stakeholders about their existence and progress.

Territories of indigenous people can also be delimited and displayed to help solve the issues of land tenure and land protection/conservation. All have an interest to gain visibility and be represented. The goal of this module is to establish connections between multiple stakeholders involved in land restoration projects.