HERMOSA is the first all-in-one platform for identifying, selecting, monitoring and reporting on land restoration eliminating complexity while being the first comprehensive marketplace for land restoration activities supporting supply and demand. You can download our project brochure here.

The platform, via the 4 modules, covers common and near universal aspects with regard to ecosystem restoration that became apparent after conducting stakeholder workshops on three continents in Indonesia (Borneo), Uganda (Kampala) and Peru (Cusco).

The platform is based on 4 connected modules : (M1) „Identify & Connect“, (M2) „Organize & Implement“, (M3) „Monitor & Report“, (M4) „Learn & Share“.

  1. The module „Identify & Connect“ basically consists of a multi sided market place, that gives visibility to the different offers and demands of the various stakeholders that are involved in land restoration anywhere in the world. The goal of this module is to establish connections between multiple stakeholders involved in land restoration projects and gain visibility.

  2. The module „Organize & Implement“ supports planting activities by using geodata to plan and organise the field work. For example related to mapping the land use land cover of an area of interest in the past and present times, to terrain/soil conditions, transport of suitable tree species from the nursery to the field, the procurement of water for initial irrigation, the organization of the workforce and other tasks.

  3. The module „Monitor & Report“ utilizes remotely sensed data from satellites with spatial resolutions ranging from 20 meters to less than 1 meter and offers analytical capabilities to monitor the areas that have been planted with trees and perform remote sensing analysis to estimate biophysical characteristics, to detect changes or to map the actual status of the restoration areas and calculate statistics. The resulting maps and geostatistics are automatically available in the reporting section of this module.

  4. The module „Learn & Share“ is a space for learning, knowledge sharing and capacity strengthening. Guidelines, documentations, videos, pictures, online workshops regarding the various aspects of land restoration are presented in this section. The purpose of this module is to strengthen the local and users capacities and to communicate about the restoration stories and research projects. Topics can range from remote sensing and geotechnology knowledge to climate finance, business strategies, planting techniques and recommendations, among others.